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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Earth Day Horror Pre-Show cartoon

I've been haunted by this image since I first saw it last year.  It is from photographer Chris Jordan, called 'Midway, CF000313,' and it's so powerful that I'm even having trouble typing this little blurb.  Click on the cartoon to enlarge it and take a good look--you're staring at the fruits of our carelessness. Try to live one day without any excess plastic or packaging in your life.  Just try.  Even if you want to, you probably can't.  We cannot live without this trash, and the natural world cannot live with it.   I'm old enough to remember thinking it was pretty weird to suddenly be throwing away razors, pens, lighters, and wrapping and sealing our garbage into plastic bags.  Now we even are told to bag up our used Christmas trees.  How do we change such a deeply entrenched way of life?
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